KAUFMAN TECHNIQUE by Stephen Kaufman, D.C.

My name is Dr. Stephen Kaufman. I’ve been practicing for more than 25 years. When I was in school, I saw many students getting adjusted every day, sometimes several times a day, and yet they STILL had constant chronic pain. I myself had chronic neck and low back pain, in spite of frequent chiropractic treatment. Although I’ve seen many patients helped by chiropractic care, many more were not, at least not long term.

I started treating trigger points and myofascial pain in 1974. (A trigger point is an area in a muscle that’s painful when pressed; it very often causes a patient’s pain or other symptoms.) I was often frustrated when patients came in with severe pain. I soon found that if I couldn’t help their pain quickly they would go somewhere else. Other patients would stay with me for years and I grew to like them, but I felt guilty when I didn’t really make a change in their chronic pain.

I always wondered if there weren’t something like a “magic switch” that could turn off trigger points and pain like a light. In 1989 I set out on a research project to find this “Holy Grail”. The goal: find some way to easily turn off trigger points and pain on the spot, by removing the cause, using only light pressure on neurological reflexes. It took more than a decade, but I’ve now developed numerous procedures that seem to do just that, in many cases. No devices or products are involved, only soft tissue reflexes.

One day I accidentally observed after doing a neurological reflex on a patient that an upper trapezius trigger point that she had for 20 years immediately disappeared. On follow up visits it never returned. I applied this and other techniques to many patients and found they consistently eliminated chronic and acute trigger points, usually in seconds. Often the patient’s chronic and acute pain and other symptoms vanished, as well.

I’ve discovered a series of techniques that combine several simple, standard neurological reflexes that often quickly change the tone in a painful muscle, eliminating many chronic exquisitely painful areas and symptoms. The doctors and practitioners (D.C.s, L.Acs, M.D.s, D.O.s, P.T.s, N.D.s and body workers) who have taken my course on Pain Neutralization Techniques™ (P.N.T.) acclaim this as a major breakthrough in the treatment of pain. Many of these doctors have extensive training in most of the other healing techniques taught. Most have practiced for decades.

A word about pain: although many report rapid improvement in pain, these procedures do NOT just cover up pain! They work in many cases by correcting the cause of the chronic or acute pain, which is often muscular dysfunction. Our procedures are NOT THE SAME as any other technique!!! They are completely DIFFERENT from Nimmo, Travell, myofascial release, strain counter strain, or any other type of treatment! They are a totally new approach to turning off the problem, not covering it up! Most patients need several treatments for lasting benefit.

Text from Stephen Kaufman, D.C.